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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Fugufish.org - The newest crap from the University of Chicago

My friend Alex Moore made the above blog. It is a big fancy blog with places to comment on each story and cool gaphics. Alex is a huge nerd. Anyway, he put a link to this site so I am putting up a link to his site the only way I know how; not through flashy links and controversial comments, but through an ordinary link in a mundane post. As always, e-mail me at matthew.l.robinson@yale.edu to be added to this blog because that is the only way I have found to respond to anything you might read here. Also e-mail me if you are familiar with blogspot and can tell me its secrets (Moore this means you).

Addendum: You may note the link to this site on the right side of this screen. That means that I have in the last few minutes I figured out how to add links. So please ignore the above message except in the case that you want to be added, still e-mail me at matthew.l.robinson@yale.edu, or you are Alex, whom you are probably not. |
Manhattan Institute: Anit-Nuisance Laws

This article is garbage. The rigorous enforcement of anti-nuisance laws means that you can't urinate off a train anymore. I have this friend, it's not definitely me, who recently had to go to court. He had to pay about $30 for train fare and a $50 fine to a city in which he does not even live just to have the opportunity to relieve himself out of sight in a place away from other people because it happened to be in between two train cars; but he was wrong, it was stupid and he is very sorry. |

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yale Daily News: Disordered Eating Panel

When I saw the headline for this story I thought it would be about eating schedules and how many students don't find time to swipe during dining hall hours and this sponsor the Broadway economy by patronising Gourmet Heaven at 2:00 am, however, I quickly discovered that it was abotu something much more interesting. Easting disorders are widespread in a society that is increasingly overweight. Young people trying to buck the trend devote a lot of attention to making their bodies look right for a number of reasons including the satisfaction their internal needs for superficial reinforcement (I think that means feel good about how they look).
It is refreshing to read about experts who put some emphasis on media constructs as sources of pressure for not only women, but men as well. Even more importantly, this piece outlines why the "steroidization of male bodies" is also dangerous. Many men and women in college do attribute greater value to the figures of varisty athletes, gymnasts, and dancers, but do not realize what danger those value judgements pose. One part of the solution to this problem is for men and women to be conscious of their judgements of appearance and be open to interaction with people of all body types. Do not reward those "activist" bodies that reflect physical preoccupation with perfection. In short, hot girls should give guys like me a chance.
Personally I advocate a physical regimen composed of sparse, light weightlifting and maximal hyperactivity with vocal exercise. |

Monday, February 23, 2004

CNN: Defeat of Iranian Reformers

The inevitable defeat of the reform movement in Iran has been realized. Many are asking why did they lose? That question may not be as important as determining whether or not their defeat will be the end of liberal reforms in Iran. Conservatives in parliament are promising to continue reform efforts that have softened life for Iranian youth and somewhat improved the human rights record and overall international standing of Iran. However the Iranian economy is still ailing and the recent actions of the Council of Guardians suggests that some reforms maybe a lost cause for now. |
The Economist: The Jews of Uganda

There are other black Jews, besides me, in the world who are not Ethiopian. I think that the refusal to recognize these people may demonstrate that criticism of Israel for racism is not completely unfounded. Also I note that Israel sold arms to Idi Amin. Granted they stopped the sale after a point, but America also took a while to stop arms sales to a tyrant in Iraq in the 1980's. That doesn't make them, Israel or America, any less culpable for their part in the damage done by these two brutal dictators. I would also like to note that Likud, more Sharon than the party as a whole, is taking a brave step in exploring dismantling of the settlements. Even if it is a diversionary tactic, I am happy to see it done. So hopefully this week there will be some more good news for the Jews (all of us). |

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