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Monday, March 22, 2004

Well I'm back from Spring Tour. That means that I will be recovering for the next few weeks. However, I am not too weak to set the record straight. Miles, if you ever want to punch me in the face, come and try it. Also I run this site and if you don't like it, well that's tough luck.

Also, anybody visiting may notice the link I am putting up for the Baker's Dozen Website. Go and buy a CD and write in that you bought it because of Matt Robinson.

Here are some news stories for people. Remember, more Americans get their news from sometimeblues.blogspot.com than any other nationality (I stole that from the Daily Show).

The Economist: Taiwanese Elections

So the president of Taiwan got elected again but his referendum to plunge the Pacific into a war failed. Good news all around.

BBC: Oklahoma City Conspirator On Trial Again

This is sad, because it will mean that those hurt by this tragedy are going to have to live through some of it again. But one positive is it will draw attention to domestic terrorism, something the current administration has ignored for far too long. However, this may just be a way to satisfy critics without actually focusing on the problem of domestic terrorist groups. If you want to comment, as always, e-mail me at matthew.l.robinson@yale.edu.


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