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Monday, July 26, 2004

BBC News: Homeless World Cup Helps To Rebuild Lives

This story spoke to me. Many ask what we need to do for homeless people to help them reclaim their lives, and still many others say that we should do nothing as a society because the homeless need their own chances to help themselves. This is a tremendous example of how both approaches to the problem of destitution need to be applied in creative ways. Everybody feels the results of homelessness in increased crime and increased public spending on housing and food. That is why we should actively encourage efforts to let homeless people help themselves. In an age where criminally deranged teenagers have taken to filming so-called "bum fights" and abuse of the homeless is disturbingly high, this is a prime example of what can work to help both the homeless and those among the population who feel unsure what to do about them. Now let's just see if we can get a U.S. team to win.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Well this little project has reached a milestone. I still can't figure out how to use my site meter, or maybe it is true that nobody has ever visited this site; but somehow, we have reached the rank of 11943 in the blogosphere. Thanks to all those who I know have visited, including Ben, Miles, Brian, Jonathan, and Alex. You have made this worthwhile by... Ben posted something funny and Brian posted some good comments, and Jonathan and Alex had a miniature war discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict (and Miles just wasted space). Thanks again for your continued support. If anybody is offended that their name is not on this list, please submit a comment and you will get a free gift from the person who maintains this site. Disclaimer: Sometime Blues takes no repsonsibility for the actions of the proprietor which may result in injury, pregnancy, or mental anguish.

On a serious note, thanks everybody.
CNN.com Kerry Advertisements

Okay, I can admit when I see offensive bias, whoever is the perpetrator. I don't understand why Kerry's ads are featured all over CNN. I will admit I frequent this site, because I think Fox News is even more offensive as a veritable advertisment in itself for the Bush-Cheney campaign from Bill O'Reilly to the bullying of Sean Hannity and the choreographed sniveling of pathetic, spineless, and maybe reluctant conservative apologist posing as a liberal, Alan Colmes. However, I cannot understand why CNN would display the Kerry ads so prominently. No overwhelming bias comes through in there programming, as it does on FNC. So why would CNN open themselves up to more attacks on this subject. Sure I like to see Kerry ads everywhere, but maybe a news site isnt the place. Perhaps Bush never tried to place adds on CNN.com, but regardless, I wish CNN would keep it toned down a little. As for this site, I try to keep the bias to a necessary minimum. Sometime Blues will not endorse any candidate this election cycle, but if anybody asks the writer and host who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, I will tell them John Kerry and John Edwards (D).

And in Illinois, Barak Obama, and in South Dakota, Tom Daschle (much as it pains me to have him as the caucus leader), and in North Carolina Erskine Bowles (who has federal experience unlike his challenger, I think), and in Virginia, since we don't have an election for the Senate (and the DNC doesn't run Senate candidates in VA anyway), I'd have to support John Warner (R) for his next time up for re-election and anybody who runs against George Allen (R), because I think him as one in the same with George Bush, Rich Santorum, and Bill Frist (telegenic conservatives who do not care at all about those who disagree with them). Ok, that's all.
The Economist:
The Crisis in Uganda
The Flames of Darfur

These two stories highlight two examples of crises that are being ignored for all intents and purposes on this very day. The civil war in southern Sudan, which happens to involve one of the largest supplies of oil on the African continent, gets all kinds of attention from the administration, but the brutality in Darfur, named as genocide by the U.S. Congress, has inspired little action. The southern civil war has raged for decades, and the Arab government fighting for control of oil resources, that the U.S. may or may not be interested in, has worked closely with Osama bin Laden in 1980's and 1990's. Meanwhile, in Uganda, and country close to Rwanda and the chaos of other Central African trouble spots, a fundamentalist "Christian" cult has been perpetrating almost the exact same crimes that insurgent guerrillas did in the genocide in Rwanda of a decade ago, and in Sierra Leone and Liberia recently. When will the world, especially the only world power that has committed itself publicly to battling terror and despotism throughout the world, recognize terror when its shows itself openly. Hoepfully the U.N., NATO, or the EU will pursue action when economic and political pressure inevitably fail to change the position of Khartoum. What would Sudan have to do to provoke a U.S. attack. Apparently supporting terror is not enough anymore, if it ever was.


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