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Friday, July 23, 2004

I know its been a while, nearly three months. A lesser man might be discouraged by such a gap. It might deter him from the business of keeping his constituency informed. It might even (have) led him to scrap his blog entirely. But not this man. I will forge ahead with a new sense of purpose.

So reader(s), I hope your summer(s) is(are) going well. Mine is. I am working at Georgetown but in a better position then in summers past. I am also getting in better shape, working hard on the rush efforts on behalf of THE BAKER'S DOZEN , and writing my own pieces again. Look forward to seeing some soon.

So to get to the point. I frequently hear conservatives laud George W. Bush and celebrate his unceasing dedication to principle. "He is a steady leader in uncertain times" Well I'm we can all agree that singularity of purpose CAN be a good thing, but is not always called for. For instance, had Saddam Hussein never chosen to cease being an American stooge and chose his own path for his megalomania, he never would have been ousted. Had he only remained under the less than subtle influence of the U.S. Dept. of Defense under President Reagan, he might still be the democratically elected president of Iraq that he claims to be.

Bad example? Try this one.

If the founding fathers had stayed committed to the principles of limited government embodied in the Articles of Confederation, arguably the model for the later Confederate Constitution, then the United States would never have been blessed with the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution which we hold so dear (which by the way, we should never let be cheapened by attempts to exploit its provisions for political gain), was a COMPROMISE, something with which the radical conservatives in control of the majority party seem unfamiliar.

Now we turn to President Bush. His unshakable "resolve" made him resolved to go to war. Enough of us recognized the truth, that his warnings that he would reserve war as a last resort were nothing more than a warning of the impending war, long before any commission anywhere started to report on intel failures. His faith in his notion of God also leads him to obedience to his Christian values which prompted him to execute record numbers of inmates as the Texas chief executive and to cut the funding to institutions that seek to use stem cells to pursue medical process.

While I disagree with some, like Bill Maher, that Bush shapes his foreign policy (if at all himself) according to the Book of Revelations, but I assert that the obvious truth of this administration has been intrasigence with respsect to many issues; from obstructing congressional investigations of secrecy and misconduct to the course we took in the action against Iraq and its people. John Kerry may not always know how to stand unflinchingly in the face of reality, but he at least knows that sometimes you need to open your eyes and look at reality before you confront it.

Oh yeah, and Kerry has better hair.


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